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The Living Wiccan: A Spider's "Alone on Valentine's Day" Spell*


Because no one really needs a holiday to remind them how alone they are but no one really needs a partner to celebrate being a whole and amazing person either.

What you will need:

  • A cup. It can be any cup, glass, plastic, the skull of your ex, just as long as it’s…

Let’s honor our Ancestors this Samhain, and thank them for the knowledge they have passed down to us through the ages.

"The blackest chapter in the history of Witchcraft lies not in the malevolence of Witches, but in the deliberate, gloating cruelty of their prosecutors."

- Theda Kenvon


SAVE THE WORLD (by Theo Gosselin)

Alice In Wonderland (2010)



Sigh.  If we’re going to have a meaningless list anyway, can we please add people who don’t know how to use an apostrophe to it?  kthxbye.

Haha sports nuts

wait who made this sign?!?!? it includes Catholics, Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons….. calm yo tits

Color My Inbox

Red ~ I'm in love with you.
Orange ~ I think I love you.
Yellow ~ I think you're amazing.
Green ~ I find you mildly attractive.
Blue ~ You're beautiful.
Purple ~ You're hot.
Plum ~ I would date you.
Violet ~ I would fuck you.
Rose ~ I would build a fort with you.
Aqua ~ I would share my cookies with you.
Amber ~ I want to know more about you.
Cream ~ Let's get coffee.
Brown ~ I want to hug you.
Olive ~ I don't find you attractive in the slightest.
Grey ~ I wish I had never followed you.
Black ~ Delete your Tumblr.
White ~ FB, Yahoo, or some other means of contacting you please.